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The biodiversity on campus is quite vibrant as one takes a walk on the campus. It is interesting to note that the diversity exists at different levels of habitat, seasonality, species, natural and planted. As part of EVS and Science Curriculum, outdoor exploration is integral to the learning processes about the biodiversity on the campus through the year. Children take up studies on trees, wild monsoon herbs, cultivated crops, insects and other wild animals in their micro-habitats.The Sahyadri School Nature Club is an open space for children to join and learn about the biodiversity found on the campus in different seasons. Over the years, this has been a space of exploration and study of mainly, birds, insects, other arthropods, fungus and incidental sighting of other animals. In addition to identifying the species, it also provides an opportunity to learn about the behaviour, habitat, different associations between plants and animals, within animals and observe the population trend closely. It has been noticed that the variety of birds and the number of certain species has certainly been on a rise.