Fun Ways to Imporve Kids Writing Skills

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Make Lists

Buy your child a special notebook for making lists. Take it wherever you go and have your child write lists of things they find. For example, you could go on a nature walk and have your child write things such as rock, tree, berries, rabbit, and so on. You can also take it to the park, the store, the airport or anywhere else you go. Kids enjoy finding new things to add to their list.
When your child’s writing skills improve and they can write more quickly move onto writing short sentences. For example, I see a tree, the airplane is big or the boy is flying a kite. Help your child sound out words that are spelled phonetically. Tell them how to spell words that must be learned by sight.

Keep a Journal

Buy your child a journal and have them record one thing they did during the day. Start off with just one sentence. As their writing skills improve, increase to two and three sentence entries.  Try to make journal writing more fun by brainstorming what to write about. Start a discussion about various things they did that day and what they could say about them. Many kids enjoy the decision making process that goes into writing a journal entry.

Personal Greetings Cards

Don’t buy greetings cards for loved ones. Have your child make them instead. They can do their own drawings and write their own greetings. This can include birthday cards and invitations, Christmas cards, congratulations on the birth of a baby, congratulations for a high school or college graduation, Valentines cards, etc.
Buy special art supplies that are only to be taken out for these kinds of projects. You can get glitter pens, markers, foam stickers, wiggle eye stickers and other fun art materials. Your child should write the greeting before they start the art portion. They may have no interest in writing once the fun part is done.

Creating Menus and Signs

Whenever you have a party or any kind of get together at your home have your child create a menu for the guests. They can write a list of all the food that will be served. You can also have them create a welcome sign to put on the door. It could say something like “Welcome to our home! We hope you have a great time.”

Sending Letters to Loved Ones

Have your child write short letters or poems to send to loved ones for special occasions. Have them write thank you notes after receiving gifts.

Improving Motor Skills and Strength

Keep in mind that improving writing skills is based on improving motor skills and strengthening the muscles needed for writing. So, you can improve kids' writing skills with activities that aren't directly writing related. Have your child draw and color. Get them dot-to-dot, maze and simple puzzle books. Allow them to manipulate small items. Pegs boards and small lego blocks are great for this.