For every child the world is full of endless wonders. Therefore, we need to train them not by force but by what amuses their minds. This will certainly help us discover with accuracy the particular bent of intelligences within them.

Every child thinks and reacts to a situation differently. We value this, and therefore have developed an innovative, well-defined curriculum with unique teaching practices that encourage children to learn at their own pace. This provides them with an opportunity to grow with multiple skill sets and emerge as winners. Our teachers, who are mentors and facilitators in the real sense, respect the individuality of each child and teach accordingly so that each Student of Lotus Valley Senior School stands out as a ‘Winner’!!

We believe that a sense of curiosity is the nature’s original school of education. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we are curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

We need to prepare our students for new global challenges emerging every day. Therefore, we have developed a global and flexible curriculum, which caters to the children of different age groups.

Examination Pattern
    Std I to VIII
  • The new evaluation pattern known as Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation [C.C.E.] is applicable only to students of Std I to Std VIII.
  • There are two types of C.C.E namely Formative Evaluation and Summative Evaluation which will be conducted separately in the Ist term and IInd term.
  • Formative evaluation is done continuously throughout the Term using minimum 5 tools [Daily observation Oral work, Project work, Activity Experiment, Class work + Home work, Class Test, etc.]
  • Summative evaluation is conducted at the end of each term through Oral/Practical/Written tests.

*There will be no Summative evaluation for Art, Work Experience [Computer], P.T. & Music.
Note:- Since the evaluation is continuous, attendance throughout the year is compulsory.

Method of teaching
"We don't believe in teaching the children by force instead they are directed to what amuses their mind so that the genius in each child be discovered."

Children learn in a number of ways. They grasp a subject better using their own methods. Some of them learn with pictures and graphs while others by hands-on experience. We value the child's uniqueness and appreciate the way they learn. At Lotus Valley Senior School, our objective is to provide children with the opportunity to learn successfully and get a lasting education. To achieve our goals of providing quality education, we have developed unique method that offers ample choices for children to learn and engages them in a number of ways by which they learn the best.


Years of focused mentoring has made a number of outstanding individuals. The trained teachers of Lotus Valley Senior School are the mentors in the real sense. Their brilliance in teaching and using innovative methods to impart education ensure successful learning of every student of Lotus Valley Senior School. Their warmth in teaching keeps the Students motivated to learn new things, always. Their focus on self-excellence through constant learning helps them bring out the best in the children.

We believe that each child is distinct with unique qualities and intelligences. And our teachers employ highly interactive teaching methods based on ICT from the earliest levels to bring out the children’s innate talents. They use a variety of creative techniques such as role plays, field trips and inner-reflection to involve the child closely and actively in the processes of gathering, understanding, absorbing and using knowledge.

Kot Mohammed Khan (Tarn Taran).
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