Games & Sports

At Lotus Valley Senior School, children get the opportunity to learn leadership on and off the ground. They practice the lessons of team spirit and winning attitude on the ground learnt in the classrooms. Here children can actively participate in a range of sports and games from cricket, football and athletics to chess and carom, which take care of their both mental and physical strength. We have expert instructors for different games and activities.

Dance & Music

What else could be a better way to learn co-ordination and flexibility at an early age than music and dance? Music and dance classes at the school help children co-ordinate within the self and in a group better and create awareness for the surrounding space. At Lotus Valley Senior School, we teach children a variety of dance styles including western dance even in elementary classes. In music classes we teach them both Indian and western classical music. Children with interest in music get opportunity to pick the instrument of their choices and receive expert guidance to follow their passion up to higher levels.

Kot Mohammed Khan (Tarn Taran).
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